Thursday, February 26, 2009

Valentine’s Day

Pretty much every guy dreads this day. Men forget and women don’t. It’s because, like prostate cancer or Alzheimer’s, we don’t see it coming. Calendar nazi’s remind us that with regular check ups we would not be in this state of disarray. To which my reply is doctor’s offices smell like death and they have no friends. That’s because being able to legally insert your hands in any human cavity comes with price and that price is the loss of laughter my friend.
I have never met a funny doctor and I am pretty sure I never will.
Except maybe the guys from Scrubs…

(But technically speaking these are actors and not doctors so that doesn’t count)

Back to Valentine’s Day.
With the advent of the interweb and Email reminders at least we, the men, have a slim chance of finding a decent trinket expressing our love and affection just in time for our better halves face go for surprise, to shock to disgust and disappointment within a couple of seconds.
Most of the time our ideas aren’t satisfactory and we always should have thought of something better.
A large part of this is the creation of expectation by television and movies that compare every day men with fictional characters that have a creative writing team flapping their wings like damn cupid behind them. In Indian subcontinent this was known in the 90’s as the Shahrukh khan effect. Guys couldn't get a date unless they carved a girls name with a knife on their chests as our superstar did in the movie Darr.

But I must say the writing team backing up Ted Mosley from ‘How I met your mother’ is a smart one. The way he serenades Elliot from Scrubs playing a quirky character yet again is pretty sweet.
And he gets off pretty cheap as his date doesn’t get to finish a single meal.

A good idea for February 13, 2010…

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Watchmen Excitement building up

We got our Imax tickets for the Watchmen!
I can't wait anymore and am desperately trying to avoid any more info related to the movie that could spoil the fun.

In the meantime here's the trailer re-done using the original comic artwork.

And here is the trailer for the Tales of the Black Freighter which is supposed to come out the same time of release in Dvd and all other perishable media ( Blu-Ray, Betamax, Laserdisc,carrier pigeon...)

I think I need a tissue....

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Luck by Chance

Excel movies is slowly becoming my favorite productions house for Indian movies. Their movies tend to strike a chord with me every time.
I watch em once with a lot of trouble as they still don't seem to be getting the type of distribution as Yash Raj films tend to do. But then I get obsessed by them and want to own a copy asap.
This happened with Dil Chahta hai, Lakshya, Rock on and now with Luck by chance. I didn't care that much for Don but maybe I need to rewatch it. I just have trouble with revisiting movies with Shahrukh Khan but those are my personal hang ups.
(I even had issues with the special appearance he makes in Luck By Chance)
I think Farhan Akthar movies have a commmon thread, they are all about young men finding their place in the world, altough Luck by chance is directed by his sister Zoya, it does have the same sensibitilies altough from a female perspective.

Luck By Chance is a movie about finding satisfaction in life, determination when odds are stacked against you and about the choices we make and when success knocks on our door.
It’s about 2 strugglers in the Indian film industry and how their paths cross.
The movie wins out on all fronts in my book be it music, acting, narrative and to top it all off they have a dude with a gold moustache in the circus song ‘Bawre’.
How kick ass is that?

Farhan was pretty good playing a real person altough I wouldn't make the choices he made. Konkona was a very strong female character, some thing we don't see as much as Indian movies as we should, i loved the fact that she dumped Farhan's ass even after he apologised for being... well a person really and also for jumping the pale girls bones.
But come on... that was a tough call to make...
Hritik Rohan’s (superstar and 4th or 5th khan however the Indian media wants to portray him currently) extra thumb is leading a life on its own screen and I am seriously considering not watching his flicks in the theater anymore… I wonder if he can pick things up with it or he can lift more weights as he has added support. It’s mesmerizing in any case.
I enjoyed Sanjay Kapoor and would love to see a solo movie with him just cracking one liners and being a horrible cliché of a director, I wonder who they were spoofing but my guess is Subash Ghai (old school director of the 80’s) , who is pretty much a joke in my book. If you ever want to crack up laughing just listen to one of his English spoken interviews. It’s funnier then an episode of Little Britain.
In any case, get this movie, It s currently available on torrents for pirates with English subtitles.


Friday, February 6, 2009

Axxo Modern Day Robin Hood

This is a very interesting article about one of the unsung heroes of the internet, the movie distributor aXXo.
The entertainment business makes enough money according to me. I don't see poor artists suffering for their work. And every year the cinema and dvd sales have been booming.
The artist are not even the big earners, those are the guys we dont see. The corporate houses...follow the money...
Thankks to pirates like axxo at least you can see movies and shows that would not even get a release if your living in a desolate area.

Scene stealer: The aXXo files from The Independent

Who Watches The Watchmen

March 6 2009- The day the Watchmen releases.

One of my all time favorite comic and now a film adaptation by Zach Snyder.

A date I am impatiently waiting like 10 Xmasses together.
Found some interesting links

A 1987 script treatment with Alan Moore approval it seems
( source: Geek of Doom)

And a funny little spoof video: